Summer Adventure
CAMP 2023

Schedule and Enrollment

Bay Area Child Care will be offering summer camp for kindergarten through 5th grade from June 12th - August 4th.

BACC's summer enrichment program provides children with opportunities to explore, learn and create! Our activities mix summer fun plus learning to create an enriching summer experience for your child. We emphasize hands-on learning experiences through a variety of modalities such as:

  • Art expression
  • STEM investigations and inquisitions
  • Sports activities 
  • Music & movement
  • Group games
  • Literacy exposure

Our summer camp and enrichment teachers offer a mix of exciting opportunities and experiences.

BACC is recognized as a quality childcare provider by the California Department of Social Services, Child Care LINKS, Hively, Community Child Care Center of Alameda County and Alameda County First Five. Please ask us about subsidized programs.

Summer Camp Information below!

An image of the Bay Area Child Care Summer Camp

BACC’s Summer Program is located on school site at:
Brier Elementary/Glankler School
39207 Sundale Drive
Fremont, CA 94538

Summer Adventure
Camp 2023


Email us for an application!
Email us to inquire about an application!
Email us to inquire about an application!


?Where is summer Camp Located

Our summer camp is typically located at our Brier/Glankler site or at our Gomes site.  Summer camp may rotate between the different BACC sites based on enrollment; Please speak with your Site Supervisor for the summer camp location

?What is the daily schedule

Daily schedule available here

Camp Schedule
?What are the timings of your program

Our summer program is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.

?What if my child will be attending summer camp part time

We offer weekly summer camp rates that are both full time and part time. Tuition rates are based on weekly enrollment. This allows for flexibility

?Do the children go on field trips

To create inclusive opportunities for both our part time and full time children, all special events will be brought on site.

?How do I register for the summer program

Summer registration is available at your child’s BACC school site.  If you are new to the BACC summer camp, stop by at one of our BACC sites (Azevada, Brier/Glankler, Gomes, Oliveira, Millard) for registration through June.  Summer registration information is also available by contacting our main office at 510-490-4222 or by emailing

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